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Viveiros is the world that we have made to base our D&D campains in.


The continent of Kenor-Tyrnsar is in reality the two sub-continents Kenor and Tyrnsar. And through technicality of continental plates Daladeir - though it is usually considered a sub-contitnent of it's own. 


This continent is made of Astland and Alvar


Known as the shattered lands , the native lands to the halfling people [link later] and the Minotaurs . It is also home to the Human  Cantavrian and Atenan kingdoms and Vharrentau the Drow Empire. The islands of Nurnen and Cuile are technically more on this plate than on Kenor-Tyrnsar despite being on the boundary.


The desert continent south of Kenor-Tyrnsar


The Desert continent west of Sinhalia, home to the largest of the few Drakeir cities, Sih'kandoth.


The largest of the continents, made up of many diverse environments and people.


The unpopulated continent, little to nothing is know nof the continent, there doesn't seem to be people here

Perdidarra and DuraitheEdit

Perdidarra is the second largest continent, with the massively expansive Atocitia Rainforest filling the mainland. Duraithe refers to the large sub-continental island to the west of Perdidarra. It is completely unexplored and largely believed to not exist.


The furthest west reaches of man, Anorsira is a largely frozen over continent that was once home to many races. Under the permafrost there are entire ruined civilisations, this is not without it's own problems of course.


The land of the winter star, home to swamps, snow and fierce tribes. Little civilisation exists and is generally regarded as a cold, wet, swampy continent.


The Far Eastern Continent of Odayabaoshi is made up of the islands that make the Shuraudo Shogunate and the mainland Daliu, where the Shuijing Empire occupies the majority of the land south of the Binjiang Wall.


Or the lost lands in the east tongue, these island formations mark the edge of Shuijing explorations before seeing strange ships with unfamiliar sails.


Largely believed to be the mythical home of the Kappa. Ancient Shuraudo scripture speak of a time when men would be invited to Kameno and would return as mighty warriors. It is one of these warriors, Kazenhu Kani who established one of the first Shuraudo Clans.