The islands of Nurnen and Cuile are two mostly uninhabited islands that are harvested for their abundance of ores, though little is utilised by the Cuilians. Most of the island’s income comes from trade and many passing traders stop off at the islands to refill their stores of food and fresh water.

The northern island, Cuile, is the most prosperous and the most inhabited.

The southern island, Nurnen, used to be inhabited by a lost tribe. They worshipped a strange "God" which caused many Clerics and Paladins to flock to the island over 400 years ago on pilgrimage to cleanse the island of the heathens. However, in some cataclysmic event the crusaders were destroyed, along with most of the clans and the holy mission abandoned.

About 50 years ago entrepreneurs returned to Nurnen with hopes of creating small colony towns to help increase trade in the area. When they arrived they found that the island had no signs of the ancient clans, people still don't know of their whereabouts.